Agreement with Saipem for Production and Deployment

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By Massimo Ippolito, 2019/03/14
Wing tooling

Tooling details for the wing industrial production

Following the completion of extensive and intense technological research with an industrial perspective, KiteGen is pleased to announce that, after years of intense negotiations with the most important global players in the global energy sector, it has signed an agreement with SAIPEM S.P.A. for the development, production and deployment of its proprietary technology to produce electrical power from high altitude wind, secured by 40 patents in 70 countries.

“The reason for signing the agreement with SAIPEM lies with the fact that they, our compatriot company, proved to be the most capable to advance the goals of the KiteGen Project,” said Kitegen CEO, Massimo Ippolito, adding that the company of S. Donato Milanese, “is structured with its interests totally in sync with our project, therefore offering the greatest potential for deployment of our revolutionary energy facility including offshore environment, staffed with a most qualified workforce. Their contribution will be absolutely essential to bring this technology to productive fruition in the field. SAIPEM’s newly created XSIGHT division, which drives renewable and sustainable energy, is certainly ready to tackle the multidisciplinary nature of this remarkable project.”

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